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Getting Around the Isles of Scilly

What can you expect on your holiday on the Isles of Scilly? As visitors to the islands for the last 20 years we never tire of the stunning scenery and the pace of life that harks back to a Cornwall of many years ago.

Travelling around the islands is exclusively undertaken by a fleet of small boats that ferry visitors between the main inhabited islands for day trips, as well as visits to a few of the beautiful uninhabited ones or trips to see the seals, dolphin and puffins.

Each island has at least one boat that performs several roles including daily trips for tourists, bringing supplies and taking produce to market. St Martin’s vessel is known as Voyager, owned and run by the Perkins family for many years, starts the day with from the quayside picking up those that want to visit St Mary’s the largest island. Whether you’re going to the shops of Hugh Town, the only town on the island, or a walking tour to see the historic sites or maybe just a day on one of the many amazing beaches, there is a wealth of attractions and activities.

Take the Spirit of St Agnes, the boat that serves the most south westerly island St Agnes to see the remote community that lives and works in this stunning place. Visit a the small Troy Town farm that produces its own ice cream or enjoy a pint of Cornish beer in the Turk’s Head, famous for its Cornish Pasties. A walk around the islands provides views of the world famous Bishops Rock lighthouse and unusual rock formations on the shore.

Tresco and Bryher are the final two islands to the West, again reached by boats like the Firethorn. Tresco is home to the world renowned Abbey Gardens featuring plants that won’t grow in any other part of Great Britain. Bryher is famous for its beaches and on its westerly coast the notorious Hell Bay where the worst Atlantic’s storms hurl huge waves that have wrecked many ships…..a site to behold.

Day trips to the Eastern Isles are popular with all the family, seeing the grey seals, puffins or maybe even dolphins that are common in these warm waters.

A trip to the Isles of Scilly is unlike any other holiday in Cornwall and a place that you’ll return to again and again.

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