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Weather in Cornwall

Did you know that Cornwall has the mildest and sunniest weather in the United Kingdom? It has 200 more sunshine hours than anywhere else in Great Britain and The Isles of Scilly are warmer than Cannes in the South of France in the middle of winter. The temperatures at night in Newquay in January are the same as London in April.

The Gulf Stream prevents temperatures getting very low even in the winter months, frost and snow are very rare; this explains why Cornwall has some of the most interesting and beautiful gardens to visit. The tropical Abbey Gardens on Tresco, Isles of Scilly being a fine example.
Gärten in Cornwall: Abbey Gardens auf der Insel TrescoIn the summer Cornwall may not be as hot as some parts of Southern England, because of the sea breezes, but it is one of the sunniest areas of the UK and also has longer daylight hours; the sunsets 30 minutes later than the east coast of Great Britain.
The weather can be very changeable though, even during one day, when visiting Cornwall come prepared with sunscreen and raincoats! When the sun is shining on a summer’s day the sun can be very strong, the air is so pure and free from pollution, this combined with the sea air mean it is always advisable to wear sunscreen.
There is always plenty to do on holiday in Cornwall even if the sun isn’t shining and it is not a day for the beach so check out our TOP TIPS FOR A RAINY DAY with a useful list of places attractions and things to do.
Winter can bring some amazing storms to Cornwall, watch the waves crash on to the rocks from the warmth and safety of your holiday accommodation, whether it is a cosy cottage with a log fire or a modern apartment with sea views. Maybe a hotel or B&B for a special winter break would be an ideal choice, look on our listings to find the perfect location.Urlaub in Cornwall: PorthlevenWhatever the weather or season, Cornwall is the place to be, dramatic storms, turquoise seas or the sunniest of days, make it the perfect place for your holiday.


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