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Michael Ballack and David Beckham visit Cornwall to play in the World’s Smallest Football League.

Beckham, Ballack and some of the world’s most famous footballers decided to come on holiday to Cornwall to experience the world’s smallest football league on the Isles of Scilly.

The Cornish islands came to a standstill as these international stars came to help train the island’s handful of players.

The Isles of Scilly only have enough players for 2 teams, but that doesn’t stop them from playing a full season against each other.

The Garrison Gunners and The Woolpack Wanderers play every week on the islands’ only football pitch.

During their visit, Michael Ballack and Patrick Vieira took the younger players onto the Scillies’ beaches to teach them some of their skills.

Their trip was filmed by Adidas as part of their ‘Dream Big’ series.  Adidas were travelling around the world to give their big names the chance to help the smallest football communities.

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